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Software Engineer


Software Engineer

О себе

Experience in enterprise telecom SW development from 2005.

Programming languages (descending order of experience):
— C/C++. Tend to use OOP, templates, STL and Boost to perform tasks. Multi-threaded and real-time applications. Familiar with libraries: Pwlib, Openh323, GTK, MySQL++, Qt, Wt, ZeroC ICE and many others;
— SQL;
— Java. JAXP, Servlets, Swing, JGraph;
— script languages (bash, awk, tcl, expect);
— misc: HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Assembler language for x86 and Microchip processors, MATLAB

Operating systems:
— FreeBSD. Development of netgraph kernel modules, userspace level, porting userspace software;
— Linux. Embedded Linux. Development of network WiFI driver with communication over PCI, IPSec driver with communication via shared memory, telephony card driver with communication over SPI, DECT card driver with communication over shared memory, userspace level applications. Openwrt modification and enhancement to fulfill demands for BSP for customer’s product.

— Networking (Ethernet, TCP/IP, WiFi, IPSec);
— VoIP. H323, SIP, RTP, T.38;
— PBX (Asterisk);
— SS7;
— Radius AAA;
— Inter-process communication (shared memory, network-distributed system based on ZeroC ICE);
— Telephony billing;
— CAD;
— Web-based interfaces

— CCNA certificate (2004)
— Know how to use oscilloscope, have experience in debugging physical protocol exchange issues (SPI).
— English: upper intermediate.