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Viktoriia Pozdniakova


О себе


• Since 2019-Present working for Master of Code Company
- Aveda project (chat-bot based on Microsoft Bot Framework with LUIS machine learning)
• Since 2016-2018 crowd testing platform Test IO Company QA Tester:
— working for StayFriends project (social network developed for two platforms Native Mobile and Web applications)
My obligations are:
• Tested web and mobile applications
• Analyzed test documentation
• Accomplished designing test cases and test scenarios
• Worked with QA testing methodologies and techniques
• Performed functional testing, regression testing, GUI testing, usability testing, localization testing of the application
• Took part in bug fix verification cycles
• Executed of test cases; writing reviews
• Communicated between team members: PMs, Devs, TLs
• Participated in Cross browser and cross platform testing
• Tested API calls
• Executed SQL queries
• Made changes to LUIS and published new versions
• Created weekly statistical reports and Advertising monthly reports
• Parsed a user’s inputs
• Participated in QA team discussions on implementation new functions