Working almost two years in the company. The company has one of the strongest teams ever whether management or executive level. Everyone is friendly and professional to the core. Me being an immigrant never fit in a lot of " work culture" in Kyiv but MGID changed that perception completely with ease and gave me freedom to have a better work life balance and just be a happy Сотрудник 🇮🇳🇺🇦❤️

    And yes I met one of the best people here ( the ones you get a chance to meet once in a lifetime)

  • Productech Corporation

    Would be very honest . This is one of the worst companies I have worked for so far. Horrible management , no workflow stability , dictatorship from the COO and head of departments . They do not treat you as a employee that deserves any kind of perks — the office is horrible too and so is the Customer Care department where I used to work in .