System Administrator/DevOps в MCPK
  • mcpk.

    I am a part of this company for about 1.6 years. This company is an amazing place to work at. Many talented people work here. MCPK is like home to us and we are treated like a family. On some projects you can also work remotely if it’s possible and that gives each employee some flexibility and balance between work and personal life.

    MCPK makes it very transparent that you are a part of something special, you are valued and respected for who you are and your opinions, as well as ideas, matter.

    And who said you can’t have fun at work? Not when it comes to this company, that’s for sure. BBQ at the rooftop of the building, resting room, team building activities, PlayStation and Oculus Quest VR equipment that you can play with your colleagues if you feel like it. A lot of corporate events, regular Friday events with pizza and beer, table games and so on. That is awesome because this company knows that if the employees feel great they will do great.

    Did I mention the benefits? Employer gives a health insurance, English and German classes and you can also choose lessons with a native speaker if your English very high. Business trips abroad for employees. This company takes great care of you and these things are just first three benefits that instantly came to my mind.

    All in all, I feel very lucky to work at MCPK and I am very proud of it.

    Good luck to all new applicants and if you join us, trust me, you will quickly understand what I mean.