CEO в Automician

Iakiv Kramarenko

CEO в Automician

О себе

Enthusiast traveller, photographer, capoerista, dancer and a lot more. Passionate of IT, new ideas and innovations in mobile and web. Likes programming in general, loves clojure and nim, tolerant to JavaScript, Java and C#, liked python and ruby. Strong believer and disciple of Agile and XP.

CEO and founder of Automician and Autotest.how
QA Automation Trainer/Consultant

„Father-founder” of:
— Selene (github.com/yashaka/selene)
— NSelene (github.com/yashaka/nselene)
— SelenideJs (selenidejs.org)

Conducts courses
— http://autotest.how/selenide-uk
— http://autotest.how/selene-uk,

Writes books:
— „Intro to software development” (leanpub.com/...​o-software-development-uk, leanpub.com/...​o-software-development-ru, leanpub.com/...​o-to-software-development)
— „Искусство Автоматизации с Selenide” (leanpub.com/selenide-automation-ru)
— - „Искусство Автоматизации с Selene” (leanpub.com/selene-automation-ru)