Yaroslav Golovach

Shogun в Codemotion

О себе

I lead a team of Ninja Developers focused on JavaScript. We deliver complex web and mobile applications development using React, React Native, Angular.js, Ionic, Vue.js, TypeScript, Node.js

We ensure in Time launch of your Fintech, Logistics, ERP, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency project. We solve your business needs, not just code!

Why us
— Ninja style — the mission will be accomplished, you can just enjoy the delivery and the demos
— Care about relationships. “Clients for life” and “same boat” approach
— Close collaboration — the more you`re involved the better the result is
— Deliver 101% result with Agile
— Great at remote work with various time zones
— Our developers are fluent in English and learn skills extremely fast

Company Profile
— Providing development services starting from 2016
— Headquarters and R&D in Ukraine, sales office in the USA
— 80+ team members (Senior 30%, Middle 55%, Junior 15%) and keep on growing
— Best IT employer in Ukraine by the most trusted Ukrainian IT resource DOU.ua jobs.dou.ua/companies/codemotion
— UpWork Premium Agency with $2M+ income and 99% client satisfaction www.upwork.com/...​anies/~01ffc799308532df87
— 50+ satisfied clients with 70+ projects launched

— Development and CTO as a Service
— End-To-End product development for Startups (outsourcing)
— Extending your current development team (outstaffing)

Need a fast and effective MVP launch? Need a consultancy for your startup?
Codemotion to the rescue!