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CEO & Founder в VeryBusy Recruiting

Юлия Кескин

CEO & Founder в VeryBusy Recruiting

О себе

Being an innovative HR manager for the last 10 years and getting experience in managing all aspects of the HR function has taught me that everything in IT world is about people.
I have deep knowledge of the latest HR practices & processes, and experience of recruiting staff, updating employee records, carrying out staff reviews, advising on remuneration issues and interpreting employment law.
My key strength lies in ability to build an individual approach to every person and problem still staying in field of formal processes to increase productivity, performance and satisfaction.

As an IT event maker & advisor I specialize in communication and public relations. I consider event making as a natural course in continuous evolution, neither an arrival nor a starting point in my IT career.
In my present role I aim to get productive people communications to the brand new level crafting cool user experience of technical IT events. The challenge here is to make simple, but special things which create a beneficient environment for people to teach and learn on large knowledge sharing meetings.