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Founder & Managing Partner в GUID

Юлия Венгер

Founder & Managing Partner в GUID

О себе

Hello, my guest and future friend!

Let me tell you about GUID — the project of my life, that’s become well-known IT Recruitment Agency in Odessa and Ukraine.

GUID, IT Talent Search was born in 2011. For over 8 years we’ve been sourcing and hunting most qualified IT-specialists for Ukrainian and international companies. No wonder, it’s given us narrow and deep expertise in IT Recruitment.

Still thinking, whether it’s worth to message us? 

3 more reasons to do so:

— We are proficient in IT language. Our recruiters are deep in tech recruitment and world of technologies, though they don’t code ;)

— We are ready to become not only a hiring specialist, but a business partner. It means — to tell you the truth irrespective of our internal interest, always looking for a better solution.

— You can trust us. We know about recruitment as much as Elon Musk knows about SpaceX. We won’t send your spaceship to the sun :)

Turning to details.

We can help with hiring software developers of various backgrounds:

— Developers (JavaScript, PHP, Python, Mobile (iOS/Android), Ruby, Golang (Go), Java, Scala, C#/.NET, C++, Unity, etc.);
— Data Scientists/Big Data Engineers/DB administrators;
— QA specialists (manual/automation);
— DevOPS;
— System administrators/Helpdesk specialists;
— Technical C-level positions (CTO, CIO, etc.);
— Technical leads, Architects;

— Project and Product managers.

You may be interested in our educational projects:

— Original course “IT Recruitment GUIDance” (offline and video editions)

— Tech meet-ups for recruiters “Speaking Developish”

— Candidate Experience Research

— Professional meet-ups for HRs and recruiters “HR Talks”

Feel free to contact us and learn more: 


Skype: geller.guid

phone: +380938310545

Let’s go for opportunities together :)